Shop Salone – Empowering Communities, Celebrating Salone Excellence

National Black Business Month

Salone LinkUp is proud to announce the launch of “Shop Salone,” a powerful initiative celebrating National Black Business Month by highlighting and promoting businesses owned by Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs. This campaign seeks to empower local communities, foster economic growth, and encourage support for Salone-owned businesses.

Under the theme “Moving forward together, Shop Salone – Empowering the Present, Building the Future,” Salone LinkUp’s Founder & CEO Bomaya Kamara aims to achieve from this campaign’s key objectives greater awareness, African diversity showcased within Sierra Leonean entrepreneurialism, community involvement, sales growth amongst businesses, and create a lasting impact on this upcoming West African community.

The campaign encompasses various elements, including:

  1. The Salone LinkUp Business Directory: A dedicated website extension featuring comprehensive listings of Salone-owned businesses from diverse industries, allowing visitors to discover and explore products and services offered.


  1. Social Media Campaign: Through live interviews on Instagram, inspiring stories of successful Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs and the impact they have on their communities will be shared. Additionally, users are encouraged to share their shopping experiences at Salone-owned businesses using the hashtag #ShopSalone, fostering a sense of community and pride.


  1. Influencer Partnerships: Collaborations with local Sierra Leonean influencers and prominent figures who are passionate about supporting Salone businesses to amplify the campaign’s message.


  1. Exclusive Offers and Discounts: Businesses are encouraged to provide exclusive deals and discounts during the campaign to incentivize customers to choose them.


  1. Video Testimonials: Compelling video testimonials from satisfied customers and business owners, sharing their positive experiences and the impact of supporting Salone businesses.


Let’s unite and make Shop Salone a resounding success, celebrating the excellence of Salone-owned businesses during National Black Business Month. Together, we can empower communities and build a brighter future for Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs.